What is a SEO audit?

A SEO audit will evaluate your website in a number of areas to find it’s needs in order to improve it’s performance in search engines. A regular SEO audit will help your brand stay relevant. What may work for your brand at this moment may not be relevant a couple of months later. That is because this business is always changing, so stay on top! In a SEO audit, we evaluate your website according to two categories: Technical SEO and User Experience Design.

Technical SEO

This will identify the relevancy of your website and how well your content is optimized when searched. We check for page speed which measures the performance of your website’s speed on how fast it loads. Another important aspect of technical SEO is link auditing to ensure your site is working properly and to fix any pages that aren’t. An example is setting up parameters in your site to avoid duplicating content to rank higher in google.

User Experience Design

In this section we check for the way your site functions. Is it user friendly? responsive? The way your site is designed impacts the way your consumers respond to you. It only takes a few seconds for your target to scan your site before they leave so make sure your it is eye capturing and working properly.

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