In the beginning stages of a startup, it is essential to outline your marketing strategies and how they will be executed. While creating a startup is exciting, one is also often being faced initially with the risk of uncertainty towards the outcome of their business. The ability to face these risks head on with preparation and proper implementation of marketing strategies is crucial towards assisting startups in their initial growth.


With the abundance of information available towards creating initial marketing strategies, it can become overwhelming to decipher what is most important. In the beginning stages, at a time when your startup is at it’s highest risk of uncertainty for success, it is extremely helpful to implement marketing strategies that are not only strong but also cost effective. Here we have outlined a list of ways to plan and execute cost effective marketing strategies for your startup.


  1. Social Marketing Using Automated Tools

Posting content across your social media platforms needn’t be a time consuming endeavour. There is an abundance of automated tools to be used when organizing your social media content calendar. Tools like, allow for pre-organized posting of social media content, months in advance. This allows for more time allotted throughout the day to complete important tasks, while never having to worry about maintaining your social marketing presence. There are several tools that can help you grow your reach by creating personas and following certain trends. This will allow you to mimic the competition and grow your fan and followers.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Once your online content has been written, it is essential for the growth of your startup to optimize that content for search engines. Search engine optimization involves strategized processes that affect the visibility of your startup’s website within the unpaid results of a search engine. The higher your website is ranked amongst search engines, the likelier it will be that you will draw in targeted and new customers for your business. Keep in mind that most potential customers nowadays use the web to research then shop. SEO remains a solid channel to build quality leads.


  1. Blogging

SEO strategies can be applied to not only your websites main content, but also towards your blog. Creating and managing a blog is an extremely cost effective way to reach out and draw new viewers to your website, increasing your growth. Once again, blogging needn’t be a time consuming task. Organizing your blog posts may be done months in advance, and this content may be added to your social platforms using cost effective automated tools.


  1. Email Marketing

Another cost effective way to reach out and maintain awareness to your startup is through email marketing. Writing interesting and influential content is key in maintaining your audience. While popularity amongst social media platforms is changing all the time, one form of communication has remained fairly constant throughout the digital age. Not many individuals often change their email addresses, and one often checks their email inbox many times throughout the day. Implementing a unique and efficient email marketing strategy is a simple and effective way to maintain visibility towards your business.
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