The key to connecting with your audience is to recognize and incorporate new forms of social media into your marketing strategy. Snapchat can offer your company huge opportunities to build your market. That is, if you use it right.

  •  First, ask yourself what do people like about Snapchat, and how can I get involved? The answer is creativity. People check Snapchats to be entertained, so to increase brand awareness via this medium it’s important to make videos that are creative.
  • Snapchat is about sharing stories through videos, and posting them on your Snapchat Story – a video or compellation of videos that lasts for 24 hours and acts as a narrative. It’s important to get your audience involved; any great Snapchat campaign is made of content that is sharable and fun.
  •  If your goal is foot traffic, then get interactive! Use coupons or incentives in your Snapchat story in order to bring people into your store and/or purchase your product. Snapchat is made to be interactive, so whether you are advertising a sale or creating a challenge for your followers to fulfill – it’s all about having fun.
  •  The tease of the 10-second long video. While you can include many short videos in your Snapchat Story, each of those videos can only be 10 seconds long. This means, that you can leave your followers wanting more. Getting a teaser directly to their phones makes this type of campaign personal and exciting.

To sum up: Snapchat is a fun tool that should be used to get the conversation started, and create a connection with your audience that is only achievable through real-time videos. If you’re neglecting Snapchat, it’s likely you’re missing out on growing your audience.

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